• Transparency

    Adenah aims to be transparent about costs, sourcing and production. If requested, Adenah is glad to offer price breakdowns and any other information to clarify questions you may have on our supply chain.

  • Community & Connection

    Adenah is a brand that emphasizes connection, not only with those around us, but also with ourselves. That connection and community helps us foster a greater respect for the world and people that surround us.


Perfume Packaging

Box: 100% recyclable, 30% post-consumer content, coating and laminate free, UV printing to reduce carbon footprint

Label: 100% recyclable
Bottle: glass and roller recyclable // cap is not recyclable

Sustainability Goals

Adenah will continue to set sustainability goals in order to ensure we are contributing as little as we can to the already overloaded waste stream. We keep our production low and our packaging components minimal to guarantee we’re only using what we need.

Giving Back

We donate 15% of each sale to cancer immunotherapy research through Cancer Research Institute.